Dubsmash is a mobile messaging app that lets users communicate in an entirely new way: by recording videos of themselves dubbed over famous quotes, songs and words. Users can message each other in one on-threads or in larger group chats, and each feed contains a combination of text and video messages. The video messages are different than typical messaging apps in that each one contains a famous quote along with a “selfie video,” usually of someone reciting the lines. It’s a funny, entertaining way to place your own video with the audio recording of something that’s recognizable to everyone in the chat and applicable to the conversation. The quotes are taken from a variety of sources, including TV shows, movies and songs. All of them should be fairly well-known to anyone with a decent degree of pop culture. Creating a Dub is very easy, as all you have to do is select from one of these quotes and then record your video. The app organizes quotes in various folders that relate to the theme that you’re looking for, and it also includes a list of the trending, most popular clips. Dubs can also be saved to your phone’s photo gallery or shared via Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp from directly within the app.

Excite Mobile: The Controversy of Apps

http://appmobiworld.com/best-porn-apps-for-all-devices/Now we all know that when it comes to the topic of porn, it is that one topic that everyone loves to publicly hate and look down upon but secretly, when no one is around, these same people are hunched over their computers, laptops or mobile devices and browsing through endless hours of sweaty dirty porn. Now whether you want to be honest with yourself or not, you and I both know that scenario that I just painted was most likely near and dear to your heart. It’s ok, you really don’t have to admit it to me. Only because regardless of what you have to say, the fact still stands that the porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in which also gets a few billion views daily. With that said, are you really going to expect me to believe that you’re not helping those billion views? Right…sure you’re not.

But what ever the case is, for some reason or another, there has been this on going controversy when it comes to porn. But I personally just don’t get it really. What is the argument? Should porn no longer be in existence? Should it be frown upon forever? Do we really believe the porn industry is corrupting our youth? Well with all those questions up in the air, where exactly do you stand on the subject matter? Do you have an opinion along with a valid argument? Or do you really not care too much on the subject and have decided to stand on neutral grounds?

Well, whatever you have decided when it comes to the controversy of porn, the fact still remains that “publicly” porn is a huge matter that “society” as a whole has decided that it is an issue worth scrutinizing and dealing with before it gets out of hand and out of our grasp. But my question is…hasn’t it already gone too far? Hasn’t anyone really taken a good look at the most recent porn stats as of 2015? The numbers are staggering and only increasing. And of course, it doesn’t help that 90% of porn now a days is free, and even when it comes to the paid porn, it is easily accessible for just $1. So the question is how many underage kids have access to credit or debit cards that have a minimum balance of at least $1? Also, not to mention, when was the last time parental controls were strictly enforced on each under-agers mobile device? Because last I heard, porn is extremely mobile and tablet friendly. So before we really go in depth on the controversy of porn, let’s look at ourselves in the mirror and ask the question, “who are we really trying to fool?”.

Like I said earlier, where do we really stand on the subject matter of porn, because if we were truly against it, there would be no porn and this industry wouldn’t be growing in profits yearly because “society” wouldn’t be secretly stuffing its pockets to keep up with the endless production of dirty sweaty porn. Porn apps are surely setting the trend people are following. So about that controversy of porn…are you sure there is one?


SnapChat is an application for iPhones, iPads and Android devices that allows users to send photos to other users. However, unlike sending photos or text messages in other ways, SnapChat allows users to set a 1 second to 10 second expiration of the photo. So, users can send time limited photos that might be embarrassing or just silly without a significant fear that it will find its way to other social media sites where it might live forever. Once the SnapChat application is downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play, the user registers and sets a password. It then accesses your contacts on your cell phone to load friends to the application, or your can add other friends beyond your contact list. Once you load the app and login, you can take a photo, edit it, add a caption or other “doodles.” Then you select the friends to send the photo to and set a timer from 1 to 10 seconds. Once the photo message is sent, the receiver has the time set by the timer to look at the photo before the message “self-destructs. “Friends can then take their own photo to reply or just send a message back. The app works well when all parties have immediate access to their phones. If one party is in class or not able to respond quickly to the message, the photo and message will be lost. So it is important to use SnapChat for its intended purpose and remember that not all the recipient parties will be able to respond quickly enough to see the message. Snapchat provides a unique and different way of communicating with other users, making the experience fun and interactive.